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Working with Me

Here are some examples of people I have coached.  

  • A leader seeking promotion to director level, through development of a strong plan to achieve performance criteria. We monitored his progress and fine-tuned implementation of the plan until promotion was achieved after six months.

  • A newly appointed CEO, as she built relationships with her firm’s founders and put in place foundations for their succession.

  • An executive and one of her direct reports, helping them to identify their complementary skillsets and play to their individual strengths for better overall team leadership.

  • A recently retired CEO, who wanted help to transition to a new portfolio of activities including freelance work, volunteering and personal development. We adapted his goals in line with his experiences to achieve a happy and fulfilling outcome.

  • A civil servant wanting to explore their leadership strengths and development areas ahead of their application to join the Senior Civil Service (SCS).

  • A US executive recently relocated to the UK who wanted to progress through cultural adaptation challenges at speed in order to optimise his performance in role.

My core skills are:

  • Coaching leaders at all levels – focusing on business effectiveness, communication, people management, performance and personal change.

  • Working cross-culturally with leaders from different backgrounds.

  • Group facilitation and team coaching.

  • Interpretation and feedback of psychometric data, including 360 assessments.

  • Creating personal development and career plans and coaching follow-through.

If you would like to be coached by me, please give me a call (07768 822298) and we can agree the best format and timetable to work together. You can email me at

Working with Me: About Me
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